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Shipping and returns

Return Policy

If the product is unsatisfactory to you in any way, you may return or exchange it up to 30 days after the sale date. If we determine that the unsatisfactory condition is a defect in the product, or an error on our part, we will either reimburse you for your shipping cost, or provide you a return label, at our discretion. Returns or exchanges past 30 days may be accepted at our sole discretion. Our goal is for you to be happy with your purchase and our service.


If an item has been described as flawed, and discounted due to these flaws, or marked as a final sale (for example, a discontinued item) we may not accept a return on that item, at our discretion. If we choose to allow a return on a flawed or discounted item, that does not imply that we will accept returns on other items that are flawed or discounted.


In order to initiate an exchange or return, please contact us by email at [email protected], or you may call us during business hours as stated on our Contact Us page at 425-314-5448.


We reserve the right to make additional accommodations on a case by case basis if we determine the problem is due to our error.


Upon receipt of your exchange or return, we agree to process a credit or send you replacement items as soon as we're able, but no later than 3 business days.


Shipping Policy

We attempt to ship orders received before we close the same day, excluding Sundays and other holidays USPS may observe. If your order is dropped at the postal facility after their last pickup of the day, then it will not show up as in transit until the next day.

We reserve the right to alter the details of the shipping method in order to either better secure your package, or to get a better rate. If we get a significantly better rate, we agree to refund you the difference.


Unless otherwise specified, the cost of shipping will be based on the choices you make in terms of which shipper, and what type of service you request. For example, first class mail, priority mail, or priority express.


We attempt to only sell items that we have on hand. However, mistakes can happen. If it turns out we do not have exactly what you ordered, we may make substitutions at no extra cost to you, if it results in a benefit to you, or we will give you a refund for the amount of that item. Because of long lead times in orders from our vendors getting to us, and lack of a system to track backorders, we do not accept backorders.


US Shipping

We currently only ship via USPS and UPS, as other options have not been cost effective. If you need some other method, then please call and we will consider your request. Unless an item is considered hazardous, then we will ship within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Shipments to other US territories will be considered on a case by case basis, please contact us at [email protected] or 425-314-5448 to discuss options.

Note - only USPS is available outside the continental US, other options are prohibitively expensive.

International Shipping

We currently only ship international orders to Canada. Note that shipping costs to Canada can be quite high, and you may need to pay additional duties. We find that first class packages to Canada cost the least, and we do apologize that it is so expensive. If we are able to find better options, we would be very happy to reduce this cost. Larger firms are able to make better deals, and we wish we could match their prices. For a large order (over $100 USD), we may, at our discretion, credit you some of the shipping cost, please contact us to discuss this. The cost for shipping will be the rate that we get from our shipping provider, typically USPS, and depend on size, weight, and class of shipping.


Free Shipping

Shipping within the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii is free for any order where the final price, including any discounts, is over $100 USD. For example, if an order were $120, and you had a discount of 10% off, then the final price would be $108, and free shipping would apply. Rates for purchases less than $100 are set by USPS (or other provider), depending on the package size, weight, and mailing class choices.


In Store or Curbside Pickup

If you would like to order online, or over the phone, and then pick up your items in the store, or if you would prefer, we can bring them to your vehicle. Given current conditions, we're happy to do what we can to help keep you safe. Please do call in advance so that we can have your items ready when you arrive.

Package Tracking Information

We are happy to pass along any package tracking information that is available to us, but the shipper may or may not provide as much information as either of us would like. If something seems to be taking too long, please let us know, and we'll find out what we can, and check to ensure that there is not some error on our part.