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1.1 How do I get the 20% discount?

The discount applies when you have at least $250 retail price in your cart. We typically have items discounted by 10%, so let's look at an example - if you had 20 bars of Cernit 250g translucent in your cart, that's $9.77/bar retail (as of this writing, just an example and could change), then the total would be $195.40 retail, cost to you would be $175.40. If you added another 5 bars, that's $244.25 retail, and cost to you with 10% off is $219.83.

Now add one more bar, retail cost is now $254.02, the 20% discount now applies, and cost to you is $203.22!

If you have over $200 balance showing in your cart, you could add more items, hit the discount, and end up paying less! The 20% discount is our lowest discount, even Black Friday - for our volume customers, you get the lowest prices every day of the year - and free shipping!

1.2 I can't figure out how to use my points

Our points program doesn't work as well as we'd like. It won't let you apply points to anything that's on sale. And almost everything is on sale!


Our work-around is for you to put everything you want in your cart, and do not check out. Once you have everything in your cart that you want to apply points to then e-mail us at [email protected], and let us know how many points to apply. 


Once we're done editing your cart, we'll finalize it into an order, and email you to let you know it's ready. When we apply the discount, we just reduce the retail price for one or more items in your cart until it adds up to the discount. Then when you check out, you get whatever additional discount is applied as you'd normally get. It is a little hard to see where we've reduced prices - if you compare an item to the retail cost, you'll see where it got added in.


Just follow the instructions in the Order Awaiting Payment topic, and we'll get your order out!

1.3 I got a notification that my order was awaiting payment

Orders Awaiting Payment

If you have an order that's awaiting payment, here's how you can get it taken care of - 

First, log on to your account - look in the top right corner of the page:

Log on

If you're already logged in, it will say Hello!

If you log in, it should take you right to your account page, but if you're already logged in, then you can click on where it says Hello to get there.

Next, click on My Orders.

If you have an order that's awaiting payment, it will show up here, just click View to see the order.

Just click on Pay now, give it your payment information, and we'll get your order on the way. If you want to check and be sure, go back to My orders, and refresh your browser.

1.4 There are no shipping options to Canada

If you have no shipping options to Canada, it is likely because of either you have items considered hazardous (Darwi Varnish or Cernit Ink) in your cart, or you have a very large order. If you encounter this, please email us, we can look into it, and come up with a custom shipping quote.

The problem that we're running into with hazardous materials is that it must go by ground. If we select ground shipping then customs broker fees apply, which can be quite steep. When we are able to use the UPS Worldwide Express options, then the shipping fee is a bit more, but there is no customs broker fee, and you will come out ahead. What we have done with some orders is to ship as much as possible by Worldwide Express, and then anything considered hazardous by ground. If the items considered hazardous add up to less than $40 CAD, then we can still avoid the painfully expensive customs broker fees.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have put considerable effort into trying to find reasonably priced ways to ship into Canada and it remains problematic for both Blueberry Beads and our Canadian customers. Some Canadian customers have established shipping addresses in the US and work around things that way. If you're not terribly far from the border, this might be a good solution.